Need to include a custom template page through a plugin

is there any way to include a custom template from a folder inside my plugin page into the WordPress system so that when I, for example create a new page/post, it can show as one of the template choices other than default of course.
I have seen this link here WP – Use file in plugin directory as custom Page Template? but does not seem to talk about the stage were WordPress checks for custom templates in the themes directory and how to make it look else where.

1 Solution

It’s not in the documentation because WordPress doesn’t look elsewhere. Your best bet would be to create a template page in your theme folder, call it what you want, and then use include() to pull the contents of your template file in the plugins directory into the file in your theme directory, which would allow WordPress to see it.

I think the only other way to accomplish this would be to mess with Core, which is very bad practice.