How to set cordova on my PATH for NetBeans Cordova project on a Mac?

Using Netbeans 7.4 RC2. I was using the last beta and everything worked like a charm, but after upgrading, I started getting this error:

Netbeans cannot find cordova or git on your PATH. Please install cordova and git.

I know it’s just that my my PATH needs to include cordova, since that was never required pre-RC, but I cannot figure out HOW!!!
The two examples I’ve run across are on Windows, but I am on a MacBook.

It’s so aggravating that it’s a one-line fix and I know nothing about how to fix it! Unless it is a NetBeans bug, but the Windows folks get it to work, so I assume I’m just naive.

1 Solution

If you type in “ps” while at the UNIX prompt of the, you’ll find out which shell you’re running on.

In my case, I’m running “tcsh“. Your path environment variable is found in your home directory: “~/.tcshrc“.

In some cases you might have “bash“, where the path environment variable might be set in “.bashrc“, “.bash_profile, “.bash_login” or “.profile“. More information can be found in this related question.